“When we decided to develop a child care search directory to help parents make what is a very difficult decision easier, it suddenly struck us here that many of the same tough decisions are involved when considering care for an older person.

It is equally important that there is as much information made available in an easy, efficient and comprehensive manner, that the key features can be selected by what matters the most, and that a shortlist can be created easily before deciding to arrange preliminary visits.

We have the same ethos here as we do for children’s day care; that the site should allow people to filter their home choices by what matters to them the most, rather than just bombard them with a long list of names and addresses, and to create a site designed for people that focuses on them, their interests and the things that matter to them the most.

All content about the care home is written by the care home, and will provide you with a head start when creating your shortlist. Each setting has the opportunity to enter the same information so that you get a like-for-like comparison. We want to avoid endless lists of search outcomes, confusing terminology and industry speak, delivering you the facts in a simple, clear and concise way.

Our primary aim is to simply support your search for the care home that best suits you and your family.”

Julia – Founder, and proud daughter of my wonderful Mum